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Welcome to the 8th edition of CHIMERA GAMES!

Text by Masa Yanaka & Peter Keller

It's a vibrant blend of cultures, passions, and activities that aims to break down barriers of race, gender, age, and language. Ryuta Fumihira, the representative of CHIMERA Union, envisions a world where these walls no longer exist.

We have an exciting lineup of BMX, skateboarding, FMX, dance, art, music, and food. Think of it as a temporary theme park that pops up in Odaiba Tokyo for just two days. CHIMERA GAMES has prepared 88 interactive attractions, all under one roof, offering a wide range of "fun" for everyone in attendance.

Among the diverse cultures showcased at CHIMERA GAMES, BMX Street took center stage. It had its own dedicated area where passionate riders displayed their skills, dedication, and love for the sport.

We were honored to have Felix Prangenberg, Jordan Godwin, Sam Jones, and Jordan O'Kane from Doomed, the world's most popular BMX apparel brand, along with Devon Smillie, who recently competed at X Games Chiba 2023, as judges and riders for our BMX JAM session.

The JAM session was a blast, with everyone thoroughly enjoying the specially designed "KINKY TAIL" obstacle. Inspired by the mythical creature "CHIMERA," this unique feature injected an extra level of excitement into the event.

Photo By Hikaru Funyu / ©︎CHIMERA Union  / CHIMERA GAMES Vol.8

As a street rider who loves grinding, thoughts of my dream grind box consume me. Imagining its perfect form, materials, and smoothness excites my creativity and fuels my passion for pushing the limits on my BMX.

When JYKK decided to bring BMX street content to the CHIMERA GAMES, I had this crazy idea inspired by the mythical creature, the 'Chimera.' I thought, why not use its tail as the inspiration for an obstacle?

I wanted to sketch it out, even if it was just a simple drawing with a pen, but let's be real—I have zero drawing skills. So, I went with Plan B and grabbed some cardboard instead. Surprisingly, it turned out to be a stroke of genius. I mean, I can't show you a picture of my janky cardboard creation, and it's kinda pathetic, but hey, it did the job!

Initially, I had this image of a wavy tail in my mind, but after numerous discussions with Peter and Luc, we eventually agreed on this unique, kinky shape. Once we had a clear idea in mind, Peter brought it to life with a stunning 3D visualization, while Hideo provided precise measurements and details through a CAD drawing. With the plans in place, we entrusted the construction to Kinoppy, one of Japan's renowned builders, who skillfully brought our vision to reality. The final touch was added by Koh and Tao from JYKK, who completed the painting just in time for the event day. It was truly a collaborative effort, with each person's expertise and contribution making the creation of this obstacle a success.

Photo By Hikaru Funyu / ©︎CHIMERA Union  / CHIMERA GAMES Vol.8
Photo By Gaku Jungnickel / ©︎CHIMERA Union / CHIMERA GAMES Vol.8

The sensation of seeing the obstacle for the first time at the event was priceless. It was a perfect masterpiece, materializing my idea and ready to shred.

The rest of the work, beyond the initial conception, was skillfully handled by the dedicated individuals around me. Each person contributed their expertise, bringing their disciplined skills to the table.

I gotta give a big shoutout and express my heartfelt thanks to…

Peter Keller
Luc Flosbach
Hideo Watanabe
Koh Yoshida
Tao Jungnickel
Ken Jungnickel

These awesome folks went above and beyond, using their unique skills to bring our vision to life. I can't thank them enough for their work and dedication.

Extra thanks to CHIMERA GAMES for pulling off this event. It was a special gathering, with all the riders showing up and absolutely tearing it up on that kinky tail obstacle.

I want to express my heartfelt appreciation to each and every one of you for the incredible words of kindness and the awesome quotes shared like "It's difficult but fun!" and “Exciting”. Your unwavering positivity and genuine enthusiasm added an extra layer of awesomeness to the entire experience.

I am truly grateful for the energy and vibes you brought to the event. Thank you all from the bottom of my heart!

Photo By Hikaru Funyu / ©︎CHIMERA Union  / CHIMERA GAMES Vol.8
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