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Solo Skateboard Magazine

Iriedaily Advertisement Photography

Right time, right place. One of these days, chartering new skate territories in Berlin. While having a great session with my number one skate buddy Caetano in a spot he haven’t skated yet, Valeri Rosomako showed up. He’s on Iriedaily’s skateboard team and one of Berlin’s finest. After some session skating he decided to go for that nosepick on a bridge pillar with that crappy old kicker. After numerous tries to film the trick with a friend I grabbed my shitty, tiny old Olympus cam and got pretty lucky in the end, just getting it right. Valle really made an effort to get the trick done. Luckily Iriedaily was totally up for making this photo their new advertisement in the current SOLO Skateboard Magazin, which came out in July. A additional flash would have been great, but overall the result fits the spot and the circumstances. All rough, true skateboarding.

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