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Menschlabor is an independent, multidisciplinary branding and graphic design consultancy. We’ve been helping our clients engage their audiences through contemporary and unique graphic design for over twenty five years. During this time, we've built a diverse client portfolio drawn from the cycling, music, tech, and fashion industries - ranging from small and medium enterprises to large organisations.

Our experience is broad, strongly driven by freedom of expression. Our size and flexible processes allow us to develop direct relationships with our clients and apply a hands-on approach to all projects. We believe that working with a strictly limited number of clients at any given time keeps us in tune with their needs, so we're able to offer a more personal experience. Always remaining faithful to our philosophy and moral standards, we are selective in choosing which projects to take on. Menschlabor are justifiably proud of the fast, transparent, and reliable service we provide. Our talent for "thinking outside of the box" is a core asset in helping you convey the spirit of your brand.

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